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Kepler Awards

Kepler Team Recognition and Awards

photo of Elisa Quintana 2014 October 4 Kepler's NASA Postdoctoral Program (NPP) fellow Elisa Quintana receives the Lupe Ontiveros Dream Award that recognizes women with trailblazing careers who have made contributions to the Latino community. See Kepler news item.
National Space Club logo 2014 March 7 The National Space Club's Robert H. Goddard Trophy is awarded to the Kepler team for revolutionizing astrophysics and exoplanet science by expanding the census of planets beyond our solar system and fundamentally altering our understanding of our place in the Milky Way galaxy. The award citation acknowledges the Kepler team's significant contribution to U.S. leadership in the field of rocketry and astronautics.". See Kepler news item.
Draper Award 2013 April 28 2013 Henry Draper Medal given to Kepler Principal Investigator William Borucki during the National Academy of Sciences' 150th annual meeting in Washington. See Kepler news item.
National Space Club logo 2012 The Nelson P. Jackson Aerospace Award given to The Kepler Mission by the National Space Club.
Space Frontier Foundation logo 2012 July 28 Kepler Team receives from Space Frontier Foundation the Vision to Reality Award for outstanding achievement in the development and operation of a device, system or entity that forwards the opening of the Space Frontier. See Kepler news item.
ASP logo 2012 July 9 Kepler Science Team, led by William Borucki and David Koch, are the Astronomical Society of the Pacific's choice for its 2012 Maria & Eric Muhlman Award, for revolutionizing the fields of observational discovery of exoplanets and planetary systems as well as the field of asteroseismology.
David Charbonneau and Sara Seeger photos, concerning Sackler prize from Tel Aviv University 2012 April The 2012 Raymond and Beverly Sackler Prize (of Tel Aviv University) awarded to David Charbonneau and Sara Seager for observational or theoretical achievements in the study of extrasolar planets. Charbonneau "For his breakthrough discoveries, including the first detections of transiting extra-solar planets and spectroscopic observations of their atmospheres" and Sara Seager "For her brilliant theoretical studies, including analysis of the atmospheres and internal compositions of extra-solar planets." See Kepler news item.
Aviation Week Laureate Award 2012 March 8