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System Parameters for Kepler 7b
7b data table

A: Based primarily on the photometry.
B: Based on the photometry and radial velocities.
C: Based on spectrum analysis (FIES/MOOG or HIRES/SME).
D: Based on the Yale-Yonsei evolution tracks.
E: Based on Newton’s version of Kepler’s Third Law.
F: Assumes Bond albedo = 0.1 and complete redistribution.

Light Curve

[Click for light curve as PDF]
Kepler 7b light curve
The detrended light curve for Kepler-7. The time series for the entire data set is plotted in the upper panel. The lower panel shows the photometry folded by the period P = 4.885531 days. The model fit to the transit is plotted in red, and our attempt to fit a corresponding occultation for a circular orbit is shown in green with an expanded and offset scale.
Finding charts
1x1 degree:
(Center at RA = 19hr 15min Dec= +41d 0m. North is up.)
click for larger image (PDF, 1.56 MB)
Finding Chart k7

5x5 arcmin:
Kepler 7b finding chart 5x5 arcmin
Kepler 7b light curve