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Papers on Kepler Discoveries
All papers are Astrophysical Journal, except as noted.

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Borucki, Characteristics of Kepler Planetary Candidates Based on the First Data Set: The Majority are Found to be Neptune-Size and Smaller. June 2010.

Borucki, Science 19 February 2010:Vol. 327. no. 5968, pp. 977 – 980, DOI:10.1126/science.1185402: Kepler Planet Detection Mission:Introduction and First Results co-authors: David Koch, Gibor Basri, Natalie Batalha, Timothy Brown, Douglas Caldwell, John Caldwell, Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard, William D. Cochran, Edna DeVore, Edward W. Dunham, Andrea K. Dupree, Thomas N. Gautier, III, John C. Geary, Ronald Gilliland, Alan Gould, Steve B. Howell, Jon M. Jenkins, Kondo, David W. Latham, Geoffrey W. Marcy, Søren Meibom, Hans Kjeldsen, Jack J. Lissauer, David G. Monet, David Morrison, Dimitar Sasselov, Jill Tarter, Alan Boss, Don Brownlee, Toby Owen, Derek Buzasi, David Charbonneau, Laurance Doyle, Jonathan Fortney, Eric B. Ford, Matthew J. Holman, Sara Seager, Jason H. Steffen, William F. Welsh, Jason Rowe, Howard Anderson, Lars Buchhave, David Ciardi, Lucianne Walkowicz, William Sherry, Elliott Horch, Howard Isaacson, Mark E. Everett, Debra Fischer, Guillermo Torres, John Asher Johnson, Michael Endl, Phillip MacQueen, Stephen T. Bryson, Jessie Dotson, Michael Haas, Jeffrey Kolodziejczak, Jeffrey Van Cleve, Hema Chandrasekaran, Joseph D. Twicken, Elisa V. Quintana, Bruce D. Clarke, Christopher Allen, Jie Li, Haley Wu, Peter Tenenbaum, Ekaterina Verner, Frederick Bruhweiler, Jason Barnes, Andrej Prsa

Borucki, Kepler-4b: Hot Neptune-Like Planet of a G0 Star Near Main-Sequence Turnoff, April, 2010.

Dunham, Kepler-6b: A Transiting Hot Jupiter Orbiting a Metal-Rich Star, Astrophysical Journal Letters 713 (2010) L136-L139,, April, 2010.

Holman, Kepler-9: A System of Multiple Planets Transiting a Sun-Like Star, Confirmed by Timing Variations. Science 1 October 2010: 51-54. Published online 26 August 2010 [DOI: 10.1126/science.1195778] (in Science Express Research Articles).

Jenkins, Discovery and Rossiter-McLaughlin Effect of Exoplanet Kepler-8b KOI-10, April, 2010.

Koch, Discovery of the Transiting Planet Kepler-5b, April, 2010.

Latham, Kepler-7b: A Transiting Planet with Unusually Low Density, April, 2010.

Steffen, Five Kepler target stars that show multiple transiting exoplanet candidates. June 2010.

Welsh, The Discovery of Ellipsoidal Variations in the Kepler Light Curve of HAT-P-7, April, 2010.

Christensen-Dalsgaard, Asteroseismic Investigation Of Known Planet Hosts In The Kepler Field, April, 2010.


Batalha, Selection, Prioritization, and Characteristics of Kepler Target Stars, April, 2010.

Batalha, Pre-Spectroscopic False Positive Elimination of Kepler Planet Candidates, April, 2010.

Bryson, The Kepler Pixel Response Function, April, 2010.

Caldwell, Instrument Performance In Kepler's First Months, April, 2010.

Gautier, The Kepler Follow-up Observation Program, April, 2010.

Gilliland, Initial Characteristics Of Kepler Short Cadence Data, April, 2010.

Haas, Kepler Science Operations, April, 2010.

Jenkins, Overview Of The Kepler Science Processing Pipeline, April, 2010.

Monet, Preliminary Astrometric Results from Kepler, April, 2010.

Jenkins, Initial Characteristics Of Kepler Long Cadence Data For Detecting Transiting Planets, April, 2010.

Koch, Kepler Mission Design, Realized Photometric Performance, and Early Science, April, 2010.


Basri, Photometric Variability in Kepler Target Stars. I. The Sun Among Stars – A First Look., April, 2010.

Basri, Photometric Variability in Kepler Target Stars. II. An Overview of Amplitude, Periodicity, and Rotation in First Quarter Data, August 2010.

Bedding, Solar-like oscillations in low-luminosity red giants: first results from Kepler, April, 2010.

Blomme, Automated classification of variable stars in the asteroseismology program of the Kepler space mission, April, 2010.

Chaplin, The asteroseismic potential of Kepler: first results for solar-type stars, April, 2010.

Christensen-Dalsgaard, Asteroseismic Investigation Of Known Planet Hosts In The Kepler Field, April, 2010.

Gilliland, PASP: Kepler Asteroseismology Program: Introduction and First Results, April, 2010.

Grigahcene, Hybrid γ Doradus – δ Scuti Pulsators: New Insights Into The Physics Of The Oscillations From Kepler Observations, April, 2010.

Hekker, Discovery of a red giant with solar-like oscillations in an eclipsing binary system from Kepler space-based photometry, April, 2010.

Koch, Kepler Mission Design, Realized Photometric Performance, and Early Science, April, 2010.

Kolenberg, First Kepler Results On RR Lyrae Stars, April, 2010.

Rowe, Kepler Observations of Transiting Hot Compact Objects, April, 2010.

Stello, Detection of solar-like oscillations from Kepler photometry of the open cluster NGC 6819, April, 2010.

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