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Cary Ludtke, VP & General Manager, COS
Alan R.Frohbieter, VP-Operations, COS & DEF
John Troeltzsch, Program Manager

David Acton, System Engineering
Vic Argabright, Flight System/ Subsystem Eng / Detectors
Eric Bachtell, Lead System/Mission Engineer
Bill Bensler, FPC/Mission System Engineer
Wayne Davis, Telecom Lead
Lynda Faulds, Contracts Manager
Roger Lapthorne, Power Solar Array
Kipp Larson, Mission Operations
Jeff Pugliano, Flight SW
Dustin Putnam, ADCS
Susan Ross, Principal Engineer/
Charlie Schira, ADCS Lead
Beth Sholes, Principal Propulsion Engineer
Jeremy Stober, Mission Operations
Denny Teusch, Thermal Design / Analysis IPT Lead
Holly Wacker, Business Analyst