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Kepler Team
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Geoff Marcy

University of California-Berkeley
Dept of Astronomy
Berkeley, CA 94720

Dr. Geoffrey Marcy
Professor of Astronomy
University of California, Berkeley

Geoffrey W. Marcy is a professor of astronomy at the University of California. He is also the director of Berkeley's Center for Integrative Planetary Science. Marcy's research focuses on the detection of extrasolar planets and brown dwarfs. His team has discovered about half of the 350 known planets around other stars, including the first multiple-planet system, the first Saturn-mass planets, and the first Neptune-mass planet. Marcy is the recipient of numerous awards, including the prestigious Shaw Prize in 2005, Discovery Magazine's Space Scientist of the Year in 2003, the NASA Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement, the Carl Sagan Award, the Beatrice Tinsley Prize, and the Henry Draper Medal from the National Academy of Sciences. He is an elected member of the National Academy of Sciences.