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NASA Ames Research Center
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Kepler Project Office
NASA Ames Research Center

Photo of Charlie Sobeck
Project Manager
Photo of Natalie Batalha
Kepler Mission Scientist, Co-Investigator
Steve Howell - thumbnail
Project Scientist
Photo of Marcie Smith
Mission Director
Recent addition:
Maura Fujieh
Deputy Program Manager
Photo of Warren Davis
Kepler Project Scheduler
Photo of Michele Johnson
Public Affairs Officer
Photo of Erica Ledesma
Erica Ledesma
Finance Support
Photo of Jeremy Messer
Contracting Officer
Photo of Mark Messersmith
Business Office Administration / Project Specialist
Photo of Mike Schobey
Finance Officer
Photo of Wendy Stenzel
Graphics/ Science Communication
Photo of stephen walker
Project Systems Engineer
Photo of Chris Youngquist
Chris Youngquist
Finance Lead

Past Personnel
Photo of Roger Hunter
was Project Manager
Photo of Sally Cahill
was Business Manager
Photo of Cyrus Chow
Software Quality Assurance
Image Description Here
was Science Team Lead, Co-Investigator
Lowell Observatory
Flagstaff, Arizona 86001
Photo of Nick Gautier
was Co-Investigator,
Deputy Project Scientist
Jet Propulsion Lab
Pasadena, CA 91109
Photo of Patrick Hascall
was SMA Support
Photo of Kaitlyn Hemingway
was Kepler Finance Lead
Michael Krumenaker
was Kepler Finance Lead (Acting)
Bernadette Benitez
was Budget Analyst - Finance Support
Photo of Steve Jara
was Quality Assurance & Testing
Photo of Laura McArthur-Hines
was Business Office - Finance
Photo of Rob Nevitt
was Project Systems Engineer
Photo of Justin Pane
was Contracting Officer
Photo of Mark Schwabacher
was Ground Segment Manager
Photo of Bob Tapia
was Business Office Support
Photo of Rick Thompson
was Project System Engineer
Photo of Hai-Nam Tran
was Finance Support