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William Welsh

San Diego State University

William (Bill) Welsh is an Associate Professor of Astronomy at San Diego State University. He grew up in Staten Island, NY, and obtained his undergraduate BS degree in physics and astronomy from SUNY Stony Brook. He earned his PhD from the Ohio State University in 1993, doing his thesis research at the Space Telescope Science Institute. He did his
postdoctoral work at Keele University in England, then at the University of Texas, where he became a Research Scientist. His early research was focused on cataclysmic variables and AGN reverberation mapping, but since becoming a faculty member at San Diego State University in 2000 his work has been primarily on transiting extrasolar planets. His role in the Mission is to carry out detailed modeling of the short-period planets that Kepler discovers in order to very accurately measure the physical characteristics of the planets and stars, including variations in the times of transits that would indicate the presence of an unseen second planet or moon.