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NASA Ames Research Center

Kepler Team
photo of Steve Howell
Steve Howell
Project Scientist

NASA Ames Research Center

Dr. Howell is a member of the Kepler Science Team and specializes in research on variable and binary stars, CCD detectors and instrumentation , and ultra-high precision photometry. He developed the practice of differential photometry using CCDs and has applied the technique to ground-based exo-planet transit detections obtaining, to date, the highest precision photometry yet achieved. Dr. Howell is involved in educational outreach programs, especially those involving multi-wavelength astronomy, using ground-based and space based telescopes. He serves on numerous review panels and was most recently a member of the National Academy of Sciences panel on NASA's Constellation system. Dr Howell worked with NASA Headquarters to help establish the Kepler guest observer office at NASA / Ames research center and now works at NASA Ames as the project scientist of the Kepler mission.