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"... the ways by which men arrive at knowledge of the celestial things are hardly less wonderful than the nature of these things themselves"

— Johannes Kepler

NEW (as of 2015): Kepler Orbit & Light Curve Interactive explanation and ideas for teachers.

Also see winners of The Kepler Art of Discovery contest that was held 2014 March 10 – May 5

Solar System Transits
Transit of Venus 2012
resources and information about transits in the solar system and in particular the transit of Venus of 2012 June 6.
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Planet Hunters
( look at changes in star brightness using data collected by NASA's Kepler spacecraft in the form of graphs of brightness vs time (light curves).
Interactive Graphical Summary of Kepler Education Projects
with links to specific Kepler educational products.
Kepler In Brief
A short summary of how Kepler works—intended for educators.
Fun things to do that tell the story of the Kepler mission—mostly designed for classrooms.
Shadows and Silhouettes
Amateur Astronomers
The Shadows & Silhouettes kit is given to amateur astronomy clubs in the Night Sky Network to use in their public outreach programs and events.
Models and Simulations
Models and Simulations, including a fun Lego project that illustrates how Kepler discovers planets.
Planetarium Activities for Student Success logo
Planetarium Program
Links to planetarium shows about exoplanets, including an audience participation one: "Strange Planets."
Artist's conception of Kepler-10c
Audio-visuals aids and videos of presentations by Kepler Team.
Sagan Essay Contest
Sponsored by NASA's Kepler Mission and SETI Institute
Awards were announced November 9, 2010
Materials for teachers including handouts, information, solar system transits.
Just for Fun
Includes Art, Music, Poetry, Humor, Kepler T-shirts.
Alien Earths icon
Alien Earths Exhibit
A traveling exhibit.

NASA Education and Public Outreach Metrics for Kepler Mission

Kepler Mission: A First Step Toward Finding Other Earths.
By Alan Gould (UC Berkeley), Edna DeVore (SETI Institute), and Pamela Harman (SETI Institute).
The Universe in the Classroom, No. 76 - Spring 2010
Astronomical Society of the Pacific.