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Star Sounds

This page has links to sound files that are "sonification of light curves" of Kepler stars. The light curves contain certain frequencies of brightness variation that are akin to sound waves, but the frequencies are not audible to the human ear. In the sonification process, those inaudible frequencies are analyzed by a mathematical technique called fourier analysis and then scaled to frequencies that the human ear can hear.

Stellar Sonifications by Jon Jenkins
light curve KIC 10273384 thumbnail
V344 Lyr Cataclysmic Variable
Superhumps Sonification

V344 Lyr Cataclysmic Variable Superhumps Sonification
Orchestra of Solar Type Stars
Link to Orchestra of Solar Type Stars

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Red Giant Concert
Red giant concert

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The Stellar Choir by Francisco Camas
screenshot of stellar choir interactive choir of 8441 singing stars built from an early data release of star light curves by NASA's Kepler Mission. These curves were discarded as targets for the search of extra solar planets because of their high degree of variability. Changes in brightness (light flux) were translated into changes in sound pitch. A day of data was compressed into a second of sound.