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Jenkins' Sonifications

From Jon Jenkins, Kepler Co-Investigator:

Here are two sound files from Kepler-10b that appeared in a New York Times story (2011 Jan 30):

  1. “Raw” data: .mp3 -|- .wav
  2. Processed: .mp3 -|- .wav
    ... to emphasize the transits in a manner similar to how the SOC Pipeline detects transits.

More sounds from Kepler stars....
[ Jon says: I don’t know what’s going on for some of these stars, but they do sound cool!]

[KIC = Kepler Input Catalog number]
Light Curve
Play sound
3866709 .mp3 -|- .wav
5775232 .mp3 -|- .wav
7671081 .mp3 -|- .wav
9700322 .mp3 -|- .wav
9812351 .mp3 -|- .wav
10273384 .mp3 -|- .wav
12268220 .mp3 -|- .wav

And even more sounds from Kepler stars....
Light Curve
Folded Light Curve
Play sound
Alan .mp3 -|- .wav
Carl .mp3 -|- .wav
Kepler-20   .mp3 -|- .wav
KOI 54 .mp3 -|- .wav