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Flurry of News Articles About Data Release and Kepler-11 System

Here are links to a few of the over 980 articles about the Kepler Data Release and Kepler-11 six-planet system. Thanks to Charlie Sobeck for compiling this list.

New York Times: “Kepler Planet Hunter Finds 1,200 Possibilities,” Quote from Dennis Overbye's article: "Astronomers have cracked the Milky Way like a piñata, and planets are now pouring out so fast that they don’t know what to do with them all."

Associated Press: “NASA spots 54 potentially life-friendly planets,”

Bloomberg: “Sun-Like Star With Six Planets Is Found 2,000 Light-Years Away,”

Washington Post: “Solar system with six exoplanets, others in habitable zones found by NASA's Kepler,”

US News and World Report: “Spacecraft Sees Signs of 1,200-Plus Worlds”

Wall Street Journal: “Planet Hunt Comes up With Host of New Candidates”

Reuters: “Space telescope spots odd new solar system,”

BBC: “Six exoplanets in close orbit around far-flung star,”

Time: “NASA: Many Planets Outside Solar System,”,8599,2045717,00.html

National Geographic: “Six New Planets: Mini-Neptunes Found Around Sunlike Star,”

MSNBC-Cosmic Log: “Planetary six-pack poses a puzzle,”

Discover: “Motherlode of potential planets found: more than 1200 alien worlds!”

New Scientist: “Alien solar system packs its planets like sardines,”

Scientific American: “A Wealth of Worlds: Kepler Spacecraft Finds 6 New Exoplanets and Hints at 1,200 More,”

Wired: “Exoplanet Hunter Finds Bounty of Multi-Planet Solar System,”

Wired Exclusive: “Chat With Exoplanet Guru Geoff Marcy”

The Atlantic: “NASA Discovers Evidence of Five Habitable Earth-Size Planets,”

Nature: “A closely packed system of low-mass, low-density planets transiting Kepler-11,”

Voice of America: “NASA Telescope Discovers 1,000 New Possible Planets,”

Guardian UK: “Nasa scientists discover planetary system,”

Nature Astronomy: “Exoplanets on the cheap,”

Yahoo! News: “NASA's Kepler Space Telescope Discovers New Solar System 2,000 Light Years from Earth,”

PC Magazine: “NASA's Kepler Mission Discovers Earth-like Planets,”,2817,2379256,00.asp

Popular Science: “New-Found Cornucopia of Exoplanets More Than Doubles the Current Cosmic Census,”

Discovery News: “Exoplanet Bonanza Boosts Count by 1200,”

CNET: “Kepler spacecraft spots profusion of possible planets,”

Popular Mechanics: “Kepler Finds 1235 Planets in Four Months: William Borucki Q&A,”

Boing Boing: “Science and press conferences: Seeing our own shadow,”

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