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Kepler Mission Manager Update: K2 Has Been Approved!
photo of Charlie Sobeck

See full Mission Manager Update.

Excerpt: The team received good news from NASA HQ — the K2 mission, the two-wheel operation mode of the Kepler spacecraft observing in the ecliptic, has been approved based on a recommendation from the agency’s 2014 Senior Review of its operating missions.

The approval provides two years of funding for the K2 mission to continue exoplanet discovery, and introduces new scientific observation opportunities to observe notable star clusters, young and old stars, active galaxies and supernovae. The 2014 Senior Review report is available at

K2 will observe target fields along the ecliptic plane, the orbital path of planets in our solar system also know as the zodiac, for approximately 75-day campaigns.

To learn more about the K2 mission visit the Kepler Science Center website.

diagram of how K2 mission works
Kepler's Second Light: How K2 Will Work

The conception illustration depicts how solar pressure can be used to balance NASA's Kepler spacecraft,
keeping the space telescope stable enough to continue monitoring distant stars in search of transiting planets.

Credit: NASA Ames/W. Stenzel

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